Tuesday, May 19, 2009

WOW I am really scared

I don't know where I thought the money for Ally to go to TTU was going to come from and NOW I am really scared . OK so she got the HOPE scholarship , but , that is ONLY $4000 off of a 4 year bill of $74,000 . How the HELL do people send there kids to college in 2009 ? I am FREAKING out and nobody seems to think it is that big of a deal . I do not want my child to end up like me ....... ashamed that she did not go to college . Ray says that Ally is going to have to take out the loans for school herself . That is NOT the way this was supposed to go . I PRAY this is not as BIG of a deal as I am making it out to be . I am a worrier ..... PLEASE GOD tell me what to do here .


Michelle said...

Okay, first, take a deep breath. Obviously, every child would love for their parents to pay for their college education. Who wouldn't? That being said, most of the kids I went to school with at Trevecca had student loans that they were going to be responsible for. Did she fill out the FAFSA form to apply for financial aid? That needs to be step one. Step two is that she needs to apply for every scholarship available (even if it is $1000). Every little bit helps. Don't look at it as the total 4 year cost. Take the first semester first. Can she get scholarship from the school? Most schools have money for academics and such? Brady graduated with student loans and we just paid them off. The main focus is that if you take out loans, they have to be paid back, so you have to be determined to finish school, so you can get a good job to pay them back.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you search, fill out forms, etc. If this is her goal, to go to college and get a degree, it can be done!

Becca said...

I went to college and took loans for everything, Tuition, book, and living expenses....I was not eligible for financial aid as my parents made too much but because of their debt they were not able to use any of that income for my education. TWO things came out of all of this, I learned about loans and repayment and I have pride in knowing that I DID it not my parents, it was my first adult responsibility and I did great!

My parents are proud of me, and the extra effort I had to make to get the education I wanted. Remember to look at the semester by semester total not the huge 4 year total, there are summers in there where she can work full time to make some money to reduce or get rid of the loans needed for the next semester!

It will all work out I am proof of it! call me if you need to talk!